Monday, June 6, 2011

Fashion's version of Where's Wally: Where's the plus size model

Just a quick post, as it is nearly midnight and my head is saying "Go to bed, NOW".

But I just had to make a comment about Vogue Italia's June 2011 cover.

Editor, Franca Sozzani has cast three plus-size models for the magazine's latest cover. Models Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine, and Robyn Lawley were photographed by Steven Meisel. This is the first time plus-size models have been chosen to model on the cover since the early noughties.
Now, am I the only one that had to do a double take on the cover, and check there were no plus-sized models hiding in the corners? These women are stunning and it is undeniably an incredibly beautiful cover, but really, to brand them as plus-sized seems wrong. Sure, they are curvier than runway models such as the super skinny Abby Kershaw, however they are still quite slender.

Oh well, at least small steps (or should I say, "plus-sized" ones) are being trodden by the fashion industry to represent healthier bodies.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Well, hello again...

Helloooo blogosphere!

It has been a while- and by while, I mean over a year! Oh, how time flies. I didn't even comprehend how long it had been since I last blogged. But I guess, as usual, life got in the way.

I'm not sure what brought me back here now. I guess, boredom, and that I was looking through some really old images I had nabbed from various sites and saved in the "My Pictures" folder. Which is far exceeding its capacity with hundreds of pictures (which are all a couple years old)!

It's kind of surreal to look at them, because each image is a visual representation of my taste back then. Most of the images have aged gracefully- remaining timeless. Whilst others seem so out of date- a marker of what was good in the past, but now is not.

Here are some of my faves. All of which I believe are still beautiful, years on. So look for a glimpse back at the fashion memories that were....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jewellery making

I just made a necklace!

All the pieces I used to make I bought in this fantastic jewellery bead store in Tokyo called Kiwa Seisakujo. This store is every jewellery-construction fanatics heaven. It is massive and has everything you could ever imagine, and things you couldn't even dream of. Whatsmore, it is unbelievably cheap.

I bought so many beads, chains, charms, crystals at this store- you name it, but I haven't put aside time to actually do something with them. Which is sad because I love jewellery making. Unfortunately, I am not very skilled in this domain- I don't know how to do fancy loops, or create intricate beadwork. I really want to learn how to become better at beading and jewellery construction. I find it so enjoyable to be able to piece together something so personal- a creation that is yours- from a simple pile of bits and bobs.

I designed an entirely gold drop of interlocking hoops, with a carelly positioned Swarovski crystal which hangs down in the middle of one of the hoops.

Would you believe that a packet of 10 of small Swarovski crystals was 260Y= Approx. $3.00!

My "workstation"

The collection of beautiful vintage buttons my Aunty gave me~ I'm planning to make some more pieces with them!

Buying like hotcakes!

Blogging here makes me realise how often I go out for a really nice lunch and day with my mum. I'm really lucky to have such a wonderful Mum who I can hang out with, and appreciate good conversations, clothes, and food with. Last week we went to Bill's in Surry Hills for lunch. Ohhhhh, it was so unbelievable! We've both wanted to try his place for a while, given the reports about how delicious his Ricotta Hotcakes are- world famous in fact!

I'm happy to say they live up to the hype! We're talking thick, fluffy hotcakes which you drizzle with maple syrup and bananas, and honeycomb butter. You can see why they would be so crazily yummy. We also had a chicken club sandwich, which has got to be the best sandwich I've had in my life!

Ok, enough food talk. We strolled from Surry Hills to Darlinghurst. My mum bought an absolutely gorgeous dress from a shop called The Wardrobe. It's a Piper Lane fitted gold, silver and black dress, which she looks so devine in. I also tried it on, and although it didn't look nearly as good on me, I shall be stealing it for a night or two nevertheless!

The dress

Striped dress from Japan, My necklace from Germany

Dress from Isetan Shinjuku

As usual, we walked, and walked, and walked, until our feet ached and we felt like collapsing!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bows and macaroons

The other day I went to explore the suburb of Balmain with my boyfriend. I hadn't been before- but after spending the day there I can say that I will definately be back.

Dress: Cheapo clothes store in Chatswood- $16 from $40ish
Wrap: Roy ($25 from $120)
Bag: Wittner ($40 from $190)

Shoes: Shoe shop in Japan (in my fave colour- BLURPLE!)

It's one of those suburbs with one main street of shops, restaurants and cafes. The main street was Darling Street, which we strolled up and down. The selection of shops were alright- I didn't really find any clothes I fell in love with. But I felt like a very lucky girl when my boyfriend insisted on buying me the cutest bow headband.. (thank you!!) Now anyone who knows me knows I absolutely adore bows. Bows on clothes, shoes, jewellery- in my hair. It might seem to cutesy to some- but I think as long as you don't overdo it with other accessories, and wear something not to fussy, then it can make a really sweet look.

Talking of sweet... we stopped in at Adriano Zumbo. I've wanted to go for a while now, after seeing his genius on Masterchef- and seeing food blogs rave about his holy creations. Oh. my. god. I was drooooling just looking at all the pastries. And they tasted even better. To start off our Zumbo journey, we were given a free Vegemite macaroon to try. The sales girl said she was frustrated that no one wanted to try it, and she wanted to prove how good they were. I can understand that- because I detest Vegemite. But I was surprised when I actually liked a lot, probably because the taste of Vegemite was very subtle. We then devoured a jam donut, mango stickyrice macaroon, and an apricot danish.

Mango sticky rice macaroon. Frikken amazing.

All were devilishly delicious. The fact that this man can make something so simple as a jam donut so mouthwatering is a true display of his creativity and artistry.

My lovely boy :)

I am already dreaming about my next visit!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Capital Travels Pt2

At The Chairman and Yip

Whilst in Canberra, we did partake in some other cultured activities- eating and shopping!

Unfortunately, the shopping in was Canberra is lacklustre. Much of the fashion was that quirky, avant-garde type style with lots of weird drapings, oddly cut fabric, too many buttons- you know the kind- that many middle-aged women seem to have a fondness for. Obviously not my thing. Would you believe that the only thing I bought the entire trip was a mug?!

Messing around in our hotel room

So Mum and I comforted ourselves with good food!

We had a magnificent lunch at an amazing Chinese restaurant called The Chairman and Yip. We had a two course meal which included red wine. Unfortunately, I am not sophisticated enough to enjoy red wine (ha!), but I can say that the food was divine! It is well worth a visit if you for some reason find yourself in Canberra!

At a cafe in the suburb of Manuka-

Wearing Sportsgirl top, vintage ring from Newtown Markets

I also took Mum to the amazing chocolate Koko Black- which I tried in Melbourne last year with my besties and have dreamed about ever since (unfortunatley, it's not in Sydney). We had the most deliciously decadent Raspberry Iced Chocolate! Mmmmmm...

Drinking our ice chocolates
Wearing Uniqlo top and jeans. Mum wearing top from Japan.

In all, our nation's capital provides scrumptuous eating options, houses an impressive collection
of fine art in the NGA, but disappoints on the shopping front.

Capital travels

A couple of weeks ago I took a 2 day trip to Canberra with my Mum to catch the "Masterpieces from Paris" exhibition from the Musee D'Orsay gallery in Paris, at the National Gallery of Australia. The artworks were a collection from the Post-Impressionist period. We're talking Van Gough, Monet, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec. I especially like Van Gough's and Toulouse-Lautrec works- for their originality and beauty.

I haven't been to Paris (my dream destination- one day, one day...) so it was the first time I had seen these masterpieces. Boy, was I impressed. The exhibition was simply amazing. Inspiring. Breath-taking. The pieces captured an era of progression & experimentation in terms of the techniques used, and how subject matter was portrayed.

There is something so calming about losing yourself in an artwork that resonate with you for some reason or another. As cliche as it sounds, the more I expose myself to art- the greater I learn to appreciate it. Although I do like to note the more technical side of an artwork (brushstrokes, use of colour and tone etc), I believe that a good piece of art makes you feel something. It provides for each viewer to interpret the work with a personal, unique insight.

Mum and I in the lifesize "Bedroom in Arles" by Van Gough!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Zac Posen for Target take 2!

Zac Posen for Target. Again! Lucky, lucky, lucky! I wasn't lucky enough to have scored any pieces from his last collection. So here's hoping that they will be released in Australia again. I will be lining up for these pieces for sure! The pieces are due out April 25th. I really like most of the collection- Zac really has a vision of how to celebrate a woman's natural shape without being too body conscious, knows how to both emphasise and balance the qualities of feminity and edginess - whilst he effectively retains a constant effortlessness to his style. Pure genious! Here's my favourites from the lookbook for the upcoming collection:

I believe that designer collaborations with chainstore brands have got to be one of the most brilliant innovations in the fashion world in recent years. It is such a clever concept, as the two major parties involved--the designers themselves and the consumers of their products, each feel the other party must be off their mind.

The designers must think that we the consumers must be off our minds by the sheer craziness which ensues when they open the doors of accessability to their label. Entire collections selling out. Lines and waiting lists to purchase products kilometres long. What's more, the brands are able to preview and test looks to a wider market, and ultimately create a brand awareness in the public eye. This all equals major $$$.

Whereas, we, the consumers are able own pieces from designers we would dream of owning, for only a fraction of the cost. We think we're getting a real steal, and we are boggled as to why such a high-end, exclusive, major, coveted label would allow for us mere mortals to own such high-end, exclusive, major, coveted works of fashion.

Basically it's a win-win situation. God, I love designer collaborations!
Credit for photos to (click to view the full collection)